Texas Pete and climate change policy

Posted on October 15th, 2009 by


Texas Pete and climate change policy

This is slightly old news, but it seems to have passed without much comment that the man in charge of coalition negotiations over the Emissions Trading Scheme is a (disturbingly) recently reformed climate change denier.

The news that the ETS fable has remarkable parrallels in SuperTed and the Stolen Rocket Ship is somewhat newer.

Watch the episode, and imagine that the rocket ship is climate change policy.  Note the role of Ian MacFarlane.  Do not collect a prize for figuring out who plays Skeleton or Texas Pete’s other fat offsider.  Watch as the rocket ship spirals out of control.  Note how much more comfortable Skeleton becomes when he ends up in a skin-tight space suit.  Enjoy the exchange of;

Get off my legs skeleton, you’re pulling down my pants!

But I’ve got nothing else to hold on to.

Imagine the same exchange taking place in the shadow cabinet room.

If only the name of ‘SuperKev’ was actually deserved when it comes to climate change policy…