Violence and green cabs

Posted on October 26th, 2009 by


Violence and green cabs

My cab ride this morning didn’t start well.  2UE was blaring, the shock jocks were being shocked about this little fracas over a violent cyclist beating up a bus driver who had tooted him.  The story is now complete with a press release from the Praetorian Guard and  a very 2.0 YouTube clip of the lycra-clad marauder entering from stage right.

At least he was wearing a helmet.

My cab driver had his own stories about cyclists and the strong view that “they’re all jerks, and should be licensed like everyone else”.  He then outlined some of the warcraft he uses to deal with the bicycling plague.

But no sooner had this calmed down, than an even more vigorous diatribe came – and this one was rather more interesting.  The cabbie was outraged at the latest corporate skulduggery from James Hardie and its reluctant administration of victims compensation.

To me this was very encouraging.

Surely if people understand corporate skulduggery, then they can understand the corporate paw prints which are all over climate change.  Surely if people can understand the evil of corporate profits being put before the futures of the familes of asbestos victims, they can understand the evil of corporate profits being put before their own children’s future.

Why then did my cab driver see cyclists and their environmental ideals as almost as much an enemy as the board of James Hardie?

Why, in an age when corporations lose other PR battles so spectacularly, do they perform so well on climate change?  Perhaps if the green lobby spent a little less time on the small things like cyclist/motorist sectarian violence, we’d have a better shot at the real miscreants?