Gruesome twosome

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Gruesome twosome

This is old, but it gets more fetid with age…

Embeds aren’t working at this particular moment, so go here and gasp…

There are many descriptions for what Ambi Pur does.  They are referred to as providers of home fragrance, as ambience creators, and as being in the air care business.

In practice, they manufacture little canisters which plug into power points and periodically squirt chemicals at you, giving your sinuses a coat which prevents you from smelling properly, and might also give you cancer for good measure.

The flavours offered in the new National Geographic range give a glimpse of the future, with the Nevada Desert fragrance and a fragment of a vanishing past with the Glacier Bay fragrance, but there’s no whiff of irony in any of this.

What the hell is going on?

Have the National Geographic marketing team been reading too much Baudrillard?