How to spruik a pie in 10 days.

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How to spruik a pie in 10 days.

Something has to be done about photos of vegetarian food on the intertubes.

The weekday vegetarian movement is a good one, but people are unlikely to stop eating meat when the vegetarian alternatives violate the first commandment of food photography: thou shalt not let thine food look like roadkill.

'Hen of the woods mushrooms' dish by Treehugger's resident weekday vegetarian correspondent, Kelly Rossiter.

Often a description alone can provide enticement enough for people to want to eat something. user Keyja had at least partly the right idea, by choosing to call their dish “Yummiest seitan ever”, rather than “Yummiest mock abalone duck ever” as might be more appropriate. Why then did they not think twice about this photo?

Seitan: who dares wins.

In general, photographs of food should be faintly recognisable – something which is often facilitated by ensuring that photos are posted upright.

This, apparently, is "College Girls Easiest Cheesiest Tamales", submitted by user tamaraschance.

Finally, a note to baypuppy, that food which looks like post-consumer waste is not appetising, even if it is New & Improved Smooth Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge.

Fudge. A British startup plans to harvest by-product gases from its production for use in the town gas network.

People, let’s not forget that meat production accounts for up to a fifth of the world’s greenhouse gases, that high-meat diets are more likely to kill people, and that ultimately, there are few things more abject than eating the shit-infused remains of an animal that lived its life in a factory farm.

It’s easy for meat eaters to forget these things when the alternatives look like hell.

"Lentil soup", by laurel4 on